Meet The Chef

Meet the Chef

Your Chef - Rebecca Hearn

The Untamed Chef herself Rebecca Hearn. She is your chef, your co-owner, your party guide and your flavor maker on this one of a kind cooking experience.  From the drinks to the desserts, she creates a unique meal for you and yours to enjoy for lunch, brunch, or dinner

More about Becca:

She is a Mother of 4 awesome children

She went to Chicago Culinary Arts School

She boasts that most of the culinary skills she has attained have come from her travels abroad, particularly Asia and the Middle East.

Meet the Owners

Owners and Operators

The truly unstoppable team – Bryce and Becca Hearn.

About Bryce:

Bryce is a father of 4 amazing children

His main profession is Software Development and support 

He is also a skilled amateur carpenter and sous chef for Becca

Family Owned and run

This business is family owned and run by both Rebecca and her Husband Bryce Hearn

Awesome Staff

Come in and meet our  awesome staff!!

Amazing Staff

Come in and meet our amazing staff and helpers!!

Private Parties

We do private parties! Bachelorette, Birthday, Themed parties, etc.

Only available on Sundays and Mondays. Please call us to confirm date availability.

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7338 N. University Street, Peoria, Illinois 61614

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You may call us everyday from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m

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