Interactive Private Events

Interactive Private Events



Looking for a new Untamed Experience?  Family dinner? Team Building exercise? Try our Interactive Private event!



What is this you say?  Why, this is where a booked event consisting of a minimum of 15 can get hands on with the Untamed Team!

Get settled in,  then toss an apron on and get hands on with the one and only Untamed Chef and make a few appetizers for you and your guests. Then you’ll get a chance to sit down and enjoy you very on hand made appitizers while the kitchen  is turned back over to the Untamed Team  to finish up there chosen entrees!

Just sit back, enjoy the full bar service and watch the Untamed Team show you how it is done!

Please note: We are not responsible for the amount of fun you may endure as the Untamed Experience unfolds!!  So come be Untamed with us!



  • If interested in a private event, please contact the restaurant at 309-231-0906, for more information as well as menu options. Thank you.